Info from a German survey about Italian properties for sale

A survey among the main German brokers that deal with homes to buy in Italy revealed as more and more Germans are oriented to the purchase of a property in Italy, also driven by the fear of inflation and uncertainty in the financial markets.ù


Investment in real estate in Italy by German, British and Russians have in fact increased thanks to the difficulty with which Italians (who now struggle to even buy the first house) are granted mortgages.
Last year, the Italian real estate sales have seen a 40% of purchases from abroad come from Germany, followed by 18% of British and 13% of Russians; this is also because the prices have dropped significantly, and because while negotiating some owners also lower prices by 30% to sell the property.


According to surveys, about 43% of foreigners buying house in Italy it does consider these homes as a form of saving for retirement, while more than a quarter of them do it to protect themselves from inflation.
Also according to the latest survey, although the average value of the property purchased is around € 500,000.00, the availability of properties with lower prices and greater choice for all other foreigners looking for a Mediterranean retreat are bringing buyers to be interested also in more expensive properties.


For the German market, the countryside of Tuscany and Umbria are the main markets, with openings on the Adriatic coast.