Dream houses for sale in Italy: just invest!

The Italian dream. This is the, borrowing the typical American expression, that is called the desire of many people to be able to invest in a farmhouse in Italy, maybe in the popular and refined Tuscany or in the beautiful and less known Umbria.


A recent statistic tells us how in fact these two regions, followed closely by the other that are found in Central Italy, are among the most popular destinations for those who want to buy a villa where to go living after retirement or a house in the countryside to cultivate their own trees fruit and breed their animals as they wish, or only to turn the entire structure on a farm, in a bed & breakfast or in a wonderful and rewarding educational farm.


Why buying a house in Umbria or Tuscany?
People who decide to buy a house in Italy seek first of all what is now known as the Dolce Vita: the Italian way of living linked to habits, moods, places, environments, food and wine. To date, no place is so representative of the Dolce Vita as the two regions of central Italy mentioned: we have breathtaking landscapes that are resolved in beautiful green hills and ponds, only to end up in magnificent fields or olive groves, that allow us to live in a healthier environment and less frenetic, to restore balance that takes away the daily stress.


In these beautiful regions we then enjoy the advantage of an excellent transport network: roads, highways, railways and airports (Rome, Florence, Pisa, Perugia), will allow fast and comfortable travel to your destination.
The atmosphere that you can live in hundreds of villages of Renaissance or Medieval origins (but also of more ancient origin: think for example in Orvieto, of Etruscan origin, with 3000 years of history) are truly unique, as well as festivals and folklore typical of each village of Umbria and Tuscany.


The typical products are then without a doubt well known and best quality ones; we can consider for instance the magnificent black truffle, to the fantastic extra virgin olive oil, wines (such as the Sagrantino di Montefalco), products of butchery (the Italian name is “norcineria” and derives from “Norcia”, an Umbrian city) of Umbria, but we can also think of the fish soup (“Cacciucco”) and of the Chianti wines, or of the Florentine steak, typical of Tuscany.
That is, if we add to all this amazing places of art and a highly sustainable life, we get exactly what we need to explain each reason of the Italian Dream.