Are you going to buy a house in Italy?

Buying a house in Italy has always been the dream of thousands of people, who would like to enjoy the rhythms of the Dolce Vita; Italy is in fact seen in the world as a nation rich in natural beauty, and many would like to walk through the green hills of Chianti, go searching the prized black truffle in the woods of Umbria or relax on the golden beaches of the beautiful Tuscany.

Beautiful art cities with ancient history (maybe someone thought to Florence, Siena, Rome or Perugia?) can be easily reached in a short time and, especially in Central Italy, there are many links with the national railway and major highways to airports that allow you to move freely and quickly, to find out more and different places.


Food and wine are other interesting thing that drives people to buy a house in Italy: the Mediterranean diet is famous throughout the world for its quality which is reflected in healthy and genuine food, prepared according to traditional Italian recipes.
Clean and healthy environments and very interesting possibility of gain on investment are also the perfect frame that drives many buyers to buy a property in Italy; from a recent survey, we found out that in five years (2008 – 2013) house prices in Italy have dropped by 25%, and the most desirable homes are located in Tuscany and Umbria, and mainly consist of valuable and luxury properties.


For the sale of houses and farmhouses in Umbria, in Tuscany or in the rest of Italy is obviously best to turn to professionals who live in the place, so that they could deal with mediation. This does not necessarily mean exaggerate prices and thus limit the advantage of the purchase of the property, especially if you have the opportunity to talk directly with the owner of the facility, with whom you can possibly agree to any reduction in price, especially if you agree with him a sure purchase; that will mean for you to have more security, the support of professionals and a cost similar to the one initially estimated.


The local professionals will allow you to know everything and pay attention to all the Italian laws in every aspect of the sale; with professionals you can:
define the sale price, as well as method and timing of payments
• agree the delivery time
• decide about the possibility of getting a mortgage
If you are interested in buying a house in Italy then choose to rely directly with industry professionals for mediation, but take care of relating directly with the house owner!