Central Italy is without doubt one of the most fascinating areas of Italy, relying on breathtaking views, on artistic and cultural treasures that the whole world envies, of a lifestyle in which you can balance work and family, but also on local products that are the quintessence of genuineness and goodness.
Among the most sought after areas in which to buy homes and move, foreigners prefer Rome, areas of the Chianti and coastal areas. While these are all good choices, it is also true that to buy a house in central Italy is well aware that there are some areas very little known, where you can find everything that you are looking for in a property in Central Italy at more affordable prices.
We speak, for example, of areas such as the Maremma, such as the Tuscia, or as the Orvieto area. The Maremma is the southern part of Tuscany (more or less coincident with the province of Grosseto), which borders with Lazio to the south and Umbria to the east. This area still has unique and wild traits, with many towns of Etruscan, Roman and medieval origin that retained their innate beauty and quality of life, between the slower pace of life and cultivated fields.


The Tuscia area is the area North of Lazio, generally identified with the province of Viterbo. Here the main towns border the lake of Bolsena, a body of clean water (and the largest volcanic lake in Europe) where the Etruscans, about 3000 years ago, built villages still exist by starting an economy based on fishing and agriculture, which still characterizes these areas. The very name of the area, Tuscia, comes from “Etruscans”: in this area you can visit many places of archaeological interest and museums dedicated to this ancient people, but you can also buy beautiful property on the hills that overlook the lake, wonderful stone houses to be converted into holiday cottages and country homes.


With regard to the area of Orvieto and Orvieto itself, it is located in southwestern Umbria, and shares borders with Tuscany and Lazio. In this area there are numerous culinary excellences: one above all, wines that are produced by the many wineries in the area, thanks to the right climate and a favorable conformation of the territory. Orvieto is a cultural center at the same time lively and interesting: from its tuff cliff overlooking the valleys and the hills around Orvieto offers many different architectural styles harmonized in one city, and also offers an environment without pollution, that is also safe and profitable: here is why invest here would be a great idea.
In practice, to have the best relationship between costs and benefits, wanting to buy a house in the center of Italy, or maybe wanting to buy a property to turn into cottage or b&b, the area where you meet the regions of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio is now a the best: it is having a strong growth due to the increase of tourists but at the same time it is still authentic and quite secluded and offers a lot of culture and history as the rest of the three regions, offering also typical products of excellence, healthy environments , low crime and a serene lifestyle… in practice, provides the much-loved Dolce Vita!