Do you know the steps to be followed to buy houses in Italy?

Aided by the period of economic crisis and the consequent lowering of housing prices (-25% from 2008 prices) today to buy a house in Italy is quite convenient, especially for foreigners who can access to bank mortgages and loans, always more difficult to obtain in Italy.
The question, however, is different: why should you buy a property in Italy?


First of all, it must be said that anyone who has been almost once in Italy wants to go there again: this alone is already a fairly indicative of the quality of life that is breathed in Italy that is among other things a Country with high cultural level, with good quality of education and health services and with affordable prices.
Buying a home in Italy is often synonymous with prestige, because the quality of Italian households is known around the world: you just have to decide if you want to go and live or if you prefer to rent.


Buy a house in Italy is also convenient because this Country has an advantageous position; Italy is among other things a Schengen Country, so anyone who enters can move without problems in other Schengen Countries.
As prices are lowered at the time, when the economic situation will normalize the owner of a house in Italy will end up with a property value significantly higher than the purchase price.


Another added value of purchasing a house in Italy is the quality of life (especially if you intend to transfer you) and the quality of the cuisine: famous all over the world is in fact the Mediterranean diet, with its light meals or always well balanced meats.
Of course you can buy a house in the areas of greater value (for example, we speak of coastal areas or regions most famous as Tuscany and Umbria) and will cost considerably more than other investments, but will ensure a better seal of prices over time, a continuous revaluation and the ability to easily resell the property if he could no longer be used.