Choosing to live in Umbria is certainly one of the best ways to discover real Italy, what to Dolce Vita combines beautiful landscapes, medieval villages perched on hills and still perfectly intact, a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere and that just takes the Dolce Vita and focuses on the idea of ​​family and human relations, on the slow passing of time, on the better ways to enjoy life and, why not, even on the typical dishes of the local cuisine.
Umbria is in fact without a doubt the region where the “real Italy” has been preserved at best, distant (but not geographically far) from the limelight of Tuscany (which in some way had to adapt to being the world’s most famous Italian region, slightly distorting its identity to embrace the best of tourism) and fairly isolated in the course of time – thanks to its location, enclosed between the mountains and in the center of Italy (that’s why Umbria is also called the Green Heart of Italy ) – to preserve until the present day customs and traditions of the past, as well as a dialect that is reminiscent of many Latin lessons.


Why then you should prefer purchasing a property in Umbria rather than in Tuscany?

First of all, think about the value for money ratio: many farmhouses in Tuscany have a higher rating than those from Umbria to the simple fact that… well … Tuscany is always Tuscany. If you are buying for an investment, given the times, remember that housing prices have fallen considerably over the past 5 years: nothing tells you that in the future we won’t return to this situation, so try to buy a property that has prices more or less in line with the market (in Tuscany is famous a property that was acquired for € 20 million and was sold two years later for € 7.5 million!). In Umbria, the houses are wonderful and offer more or less the same characteristics as those from Tuscany, at a price much lower. Considering the development of tourism and the growing interest in Umbria by tourists, then you may find in your hands a property that appreciates significantly over time.


Second, landascapes: from this point of view, the only difference between Tuscany and Umbria is the fact that the latter has no access to the sea coast. For the rest , the environments in Umbria are the wildest and most authentic than those of Tuscany, while also offering views like those of the Chianti hills.

Third, the reachability: differently from Tuscany, Umbria is easily reachable from Rome, served by highways and expressways, but also by an efficient rail network, and especially landing point of many international and intercontinental flights, certainly more frequent and more different than those who arrive at the airport of Florence.

Fourth, the dishes: if it is true that Tuscany excels in offering wines, it is true that Umbria offers a wide variety of local products that are second to none. We speak mainly of the precious extra-virgin olive oil produced in the hills, the famous and sought-after black truffle and butchery products (in Italian butchery is called “Norcineria”, named after the town in Umbria called Norcia) and all those products that are related to the forest.


If you are considering buying a property in Italy , therefore, carefully choose your destination … Umbria awaits you !