Info about Italian real estates market

What developments for the Italian real estate market?
The modernization of the existing housing stock, in an environmentally friendly manner and without further loss of land could be the Italian way for the resumption of construction activity.
According to market research, the market will remain difficult at least for most of 2013 and then begin to evolve positively in the latter part of the year and especially in 2014, supported by a housing demand which is evident still high.
This means, in practical terms, that the sellers will still have difficulties, while buyers will have access to prices below the usual estimates, with the possibility to do the real deal.


The expectation of a recovery albeit on a different basis than in the past, is based mainly on the positive macroeconomic signals coming from abroad, particularly from the U.S., where the improved performance of the economy is accompanied by that of the real estate market that seems to have decisively embarked on the road to recovery.
Analysts say, however, that the extent that this recovery will actually have in Italy, however, will depend not only on macro and micro globally, but also on the policies to be adopted by reference to the domestic market.
At the national level, the outlook for 2013 is a further drop in prices between -6% and -4% and in trades around -410,000 units.


In the big cities the most wanted houses are estates rising in the central and most important areas, as it is for most tourist areas, with capital coming mainly from abroad.
These assumptions are supported primarily by sales of luxury properties, more and more required in classic regions such as Tuscany and Umbria, with a preference for marine areas and those in the countryside.