Last trend of properties market in Italy

If you are interested in buying a property for sale in Italy for coming there after retirement or simply to use it as a vacation home, it is important that you are always up to date on the latest trends, on changes in prices and, in general, on the latest news about real estate market.


The trend that characterizes the Italian real estate market today is the one that tells us that real estate prices have already fallen by 9% since 2011 (for a total of about 25% since 2008) and probably during this year will drop an additional 4%, then it will begin to rise again in January 2014.
It is interesting to know that the market for luxury real estate in Italy continues to rise, with 36% of requests addressed to coastal areas and 33% instead allocated to rural areas, especially in central Italy (Tuscany and Umbria mainly): that’s why it might be a good idea to invest in a property at this time in Italy.


The advantages for foreign investors, in addition to the general decline in prices, are due to the fact that at the moment is very difficult for Italians to have a mortgage from banks, while it is not for foreign investors.
Then you should remember that it is very useful to focus on the properties already restructured: this is because the Italian high taxation has forced many companies to raise prices, also for construction and restructuring companies.


The prices in rural areas are still very affordable, especially for buyers with foreign currency: the continuous fall in prices also favors the possibility to create real business.
One of the main markets is made up of farmhouses for sale in Italy, country houses which are often made from the classic elements that characterize the rural buildings mainly in Umbria and Tuscany: let’s talk about stone facades, floors and internal and external elements in handmade terracotta, rooms with wooden beams and furniture in “poor art”, which is the classic furniture in old Italian style of the houses.