Go living in Italy is the real dream of many people: the Dolce Vita, beautiful landscapes, the sun and the sea, but also a wonderful welcome and dream foods are the main ingredients of the dreams of millions of people who would like to move to this beautiful nation singing ” ‘O sole mio”.
Spaghetti Alfredo (which is almost unknown in Italy) and the Italian wedding soup are not, however, all you should think about if you decided to go and live in Italy.
Obviously, the first step is to find a property to buy in Italy or to rent: because rent prices in Italy are quite high, however, you should consider to choose and buy a farmhouse, a villa or an apartment in a strategic place (ie, in a place near tourist areas, where is always possible to sell back a property) and buy it. In addition to doing a good deal, you will have the properties as you like.
At this point, however, comes the “painful” part: the documents.


What documents are required to live in Italy?

The Codice Fiscale (Tax Identification Code): it is necessary to work, to get health insurance and to open a bank account in Italy. To obtain your tax code, you must go to the Agenzia delle Entrate of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Italy.
The Tessera Sanitaria: if you are planning to live and work in Italy for an extended period, it is essential to obtain it. To apply for a health card you need an employment contract, but unfortunately the card is only valid until the contract is valid. You will have to renew the card every time the contract expires and is renewed. The only other way to have a permanent health card is to become an Italian citizen by marriage.
If you want to live in Italy, if you want to work long-term there and if you want to open a bank account, you must obtain residency in Italy.
To become a resident, if you come from an EU Country, the process is quite simple: you just have to visit the local Anagrafe (registry office ) and provide passport, Codice Fiscale, Tessera Sanitaria, payroll / pension, birth certificate translated into Italian, the form “Dichiarazione di cambio di residenza”compiled.
Ok, maybe you thought it would be easier … but dreams have always a price to pay. To come to live in Italy, this price is not so high after all…