What you should know about farmhouses and properties in Umbria

Umbria is not only forests and valleys covered with olive trees, but much more.
We are going to explain why, if you love the Italian way of life, folklore, breathtaking landscapes and amenities you should choose for your retirement to buy a farmhouse in Umbria.

We can start immediately from the sore point: money. The bad news is that you have to expend quite a lot to fulfill your dreams, the good news however is that, if a few years ago you had budgeted the purchase of a villa in the countryside or a property in Umbria considering the prices of that times, today you may find yourself shelling out up to 25% less than expected (so much in fact dropped the average house prices in Umbria since 2008).


Umbria is, however, undoubtedly the most “italophile” of the Italian regions: its location, its being between mountains, thick forests and valleys, confined it for a long time, and this has helped to keep intact both the real Italian way of life that the ancient traditions and folklore, as well as all the medieval towns that dot the countryside of the region.
Along with these aspects must be then considered the culinary one: DOC and DOCG wines really excellent (such as Sagrantino di Montefalco) and are accompanied by other products of the highest quality recognized and appreciated throughout the world, such as extra virgin olive oil and precious black truffles, which are derived from this region; together with them we have all products of butchery, whose “art” comes from the town of Norcia (in fact, the Italian butchery is called “norcineria”), a beautiful Umbrian town that, together with Orvieto, Todi, Cascia, Spoleto, Assisi, Spello, Città della Pieve, Perugia, Narni should absolutely be visited.


In the past, Umbria was considered mainly for its spectacular landscapes with dense forests, valleys covered in olive groves and vineyards, and the beautiful Cascata delle Marmore, the highest waterfall in Europe that attracts thousands of tourists every year; today, also worthy to use what nature has given them, the inhabitants of the region continue to enhance the area, such as reclaiming the waters of the lakes, such as Lake Trasimeno, which today is really clean.

From the point of view of tourism and cultural heritage, Umbria has not then really nothing to envy to other more famous places in Central Italy (think of Lazio, with its eternal Rome and Tuscany); with a property in Umbria you will have the possibility to easily reach the main destination and art cities of both Lazio and Tuscany, in just an hour, one hour and half.
Buy a house in Umbria really means then buy a piece of the “Italian dream”, the Dolce Vita that much has been shown in numerous movies, enjoying the good-neighborly and natural cycles of the seasons among breathtaking scenery, surrounded by art and culture and savoring all that this beautiful land has to offer.