The complex Morrano is near to the beautiful Orvieto. From Orvieto, connected to the rest of Italy by a national railway line and from the most important Italian highway (A1), you can reach easily and quickly the major cities and towns of central Italy:


Rome is only an hour away,
• as well as Perugia,
• while Florence is just one hour and half.


Orvieto is situated in Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy, famous throughout the world as the “Second Tuscany“, but surely now even more authentic and up from the “big sister” , much better known but also most exploited and chaotic.


This makes Morrano a property that:


• avoids chaotic cities;
• avoids city with a high crime rate;
• allows you to quickly reach the best Italian universities;
• prevents polluted environments;
• allows you to have healthy food;
• allows to breed poultry, chickens, pigs;
• allows you to self-produce all kinds of vegetables and fruits;


In addition, the property has other strengths: It may be taken as shared residence for wealthy foreign students who wish to learn also to administer an estate, to return to their Country more experienced, and there is also the possibility of being joined during the first 12 months by local staff to teach the new owners the best techniques to keep the animals and work the land, but also to teach the good Italian food and prepare meals for new owners.


Please take a look at floorplans map if you want to know the property in details