About Umbria and its estate market trends

Italy is one of the favorite destination for cultural holidays, for gastronomic vacation and for holidays with children; in few years, for many foreigners it also became the ideal place in which to buy a second home to rent, to resell or to transform in hotel, b&b or farm, and in many cases also for the purchase of the property to live in at the moment of retirement.


Statistics of the first months of 2013 tell us that as much as 33% of the foreigners looking for a property to invest in Italy wants it to be in the country, and the most popular destinations are Tuscany and Umbria.
While the first region is now well known and has entered a long time and full right in the most popular destinations – take for instance that it holds a lot of artistic treasures, that splendid towns have an antique feel, that the quality of its products as the typical “fish soup” and “Ricciarelli” is very high, that there are the famous and unique valleys covered with green fields and tidy streets lined with cypresses that lead to beautiful houses – the second, Umbria, is in some ways yet to be discovered, although more and more people recognize the quality, calling the region in many cases the “Second Tuscany.”


This definition is actually incorrect because Umbria has a history as old as that of Tuscany, and the cultural, gastronomic and natural aspects has nothing to envy to the most famous sister: let’s think about the works of Perugino, about all those little villages surrounded by medieval walls that dot the hills and valleys of the region, about typical products such as extra virgin olive oil and black truffles that are exported all over the world, without forgetting the wine (eg Rosso di Montefalco) and products of butchery (in Italian “norcineria”), taking its name from the Umbrian town of Norcia.


As you can imagine, the demand for real estate in the beautiful Umbria is always growing: in fact, many consider it the region’s most “authentic”, more than the well known Tuscany, and search Umbria for some of the features of Tuscany discovering instead the peculiarities of Umbria itself.
Many buyers feel Umbria a great place to invest in, and they are perfectly right, in virtue of the fact that cities like Perugia, the capital of the region, and Terni, are in continuous development.


The most requested property for sale in Italy (and then in Umbria) is the farmhouse for sale in Italy: it is possible to find for every price range, and in each of them you can find the classic Italian atmosphere, given by stone facades, floors in terracotta and wooden beams.