Moving to Italy: properties for everyone!

Who would not want to live in Italy? As it’s always been, the Peninsula is one of the most dreamed Countries because of its style, its warm welcome, its great food…  not to mention its artistic treasures, its archaeological remains, its millennial history that has affected the whole of Europe, its architectural glories and its whole past.
Have you ever thought of buying a property in Italy, although never been there?


Who has never been to Italy often dreams of doing it, and who’s been there is often looking for any excuse to go back though: Rome, Florence, Venice, are just some of the most famous cities to be visited, but Italy is also nature and lakes of pure water that suddenly appear between untouched mountains, coasts and seas so wonderful to have nothing to envy to the Caribbean, meadows covered with sunflowers, timeless villages, villages surrounded by walls, Renaissance frescoes in ancient churches in the country, with fantastic natural landscapes, of which the best known are those of Chianti and Tuscany in general, followed by those of Umbria.


Who wants to move to Italy will surely find the solution that suits his needs: farmhouses surrounded by nature and away from the world in which time seems to stand still, apartments with frescoed ceilings overlooking the main squares of medieval villages, country villas to be converted to get wonderful and warm b&b, penthouses and lofts.


Clearly, those who want to buy a house in Italy also know that prices can vary considerably, depending not only on the desired property but also because of the area : the more sought after and famous is expensive, with the same market rules applied everywhere. This means that a house in the Chianti probably will cost more than a villa in a village in Umbria: it all depends on your destination, on your desires and on your spending power.


Even in known or explored areas, however, can hide areas of unique beauty with affordable prices: taking again the example Tuscany, we could consider to buy a property in Italy in the area of Maremma, an area where towns often have Etruscan origins (that population was there before Romans, more than 3000 years ago), in which nature is often lush and wild, but it offers many conveniences and breathtaking landscapes to its inhabitants, and that is also the border with Umbria and Lazio area and then is a really good location for exploring the center of Italy being able to return home in the evening.