Quality, excellent investment and more: what you should know about buying properties in Umbria

The prices of the properties for sale in Umbria and Tuscany have suffered (as in the rest of the Italian peninsula) a decrease rather sensitive, due to the economic crisis and the difficulty with which banks provide mortgages to buyers Italian, representing now about 88% of buyers.
The difficulties for Italians in getting a mortgage helps, however, that 12% of buyers who came from abroad, who can take advantage of various banking regulations and thus have a different economic availability.
So here, thanks to the considerable reduction of prices, more and more foreigners (British, German, Austrian, Russian, Greek, Indian, Chinese and American) decide to buy a home among the green hills of Chianti, in the wild Maremma or in the beautiful Umbria, known today by many foreigners as “the second Tuscany”.


Even in these regions, the purchase market is obviously dragged from the sale of luxury property, real “safe havens” and excellent investment, for those who can afford them.
What motivates foreigners to choose just these locations to buy luxury real estate?
First of all, are chosen valuable properties which the return and whose appreciation over time is safe, located in areas already “tested”, which give security and generate profit. Tuscany, north and south, is one of those regions of the world that can really offer that security, along with Rome, Florence, Milan and the whole Umbria.
Another feature sought to purchase a luxury property is the ease with which it can be reached, possibly to be able to also enjoy long weekends. Are chosen then places where it is possible to live the truer Italy, where you can taste (and perhaps growing) traditional food and products (as black truffle, extra virgin olive oil, a large number and a wide variety of legumes and wines, which have always characterized the Central Italy).


They are then taken into account factors such as the quality of the environment and of life in general, obviously favoring towns and areas with low crime and no environmental pollution. Also the fact that the area is considered as a tourist one is important, because each investor wishes to have a “way out” in the event that the investment does not prove to his liking and the property is not suited to his needs: in a tourist area, the property will always be easily sold or rented.