The Italian real estates market

After a long period of decline, the market of real estate in Italy is returning to grow, with an increasing amount of properties purchased by foreigners, also from non-European Countries. Coastal areas are most requested (36% of requests), followed by Central Italy areas (33% of requests), with a small increase with regard to the demands of properties in the north of the Peninsula.
Why are these areas the most sought after? It is simple: because the current economic situation has led to a significant drop in prices (about 25% less than 5 years ago); it means that, when everything will return to normality, these properties would return to their pre-crisis value, providing excellent investments if owners would resale.


The most attractive properties are the luxuryones: just think what it would mean to have a luxury property close to the beautiful city of Florence, or perhaps in a beautiful valley in Umbria or, why not, a few steps from the sea!
Country houses, mansions, country houses with swimming pool, historic houses, are also excellent opportunities to set up a business: many people in fact turn them into b&b, farmhouses, in educational farms or “classic” farms, using the full potential of the structures.
Why this investment in the tourism sector?
Simply said: Italy, and especially Central Italy, have the great privilege of attracting millions of tourists every year, going there to discover history, art, culture, nature and culinary traditions of these areas, famous throughout the world.


Who has never wanted to live the Italian “Dolce Vita”? Who never wanted to visit Tuscany, with its rows of cypress lined, green hills and tidy vineyards as far as the eye can see, its artistic treasures and cities that gave birth to so many illustrious personages of the past?
Who has not ever wanted to discover the Umbrian territories, the myriad of towns and villages that still retain their medieval charm, enjoying perhaps typical cuisine based on black truffles and extra virgin olive oil freshly squeezed?


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