The market of real estate investment in Italy can now be addressed on the basis of two different points of view: the one of the sellers and that of the buyers, who see the current economic period in two completely different ways.
For sellers, in fact, this is a bad time: they saw lower prices and the value of their homes by about 25% in 5 years (since 2008), a decline which reached around -14% in last two years.


For those who want to buy instead, this is the time to really do a roaring trade: house prices have never been so low and the prices of luxury homes have undergone a certain scale (with high-profile cases such as that of the complex of farmhouses in Tuscany that, from € 20.5 million, is now being sold at € 7.5 million).
However, there will be a rise in prices since the beginning of 2014 – experts say – , and this confirms the fact that the best time to buy is the current one.
It is clear that, to buy a villa in Italy, you should have a clear idea of ​ “where” and “how”: in the first case, the market statistics tell us that 36% of buyers have in mind the coastal areas, while 33% love rural areas. Of these, the vast majority are buying in Tuscany and Umbria, which still retain their charm and approach the true essence of Italian life and art, food and wine that made Italian cuisine famous all over the world.


For the “how” things are a bit more complicated: if you can not directly follow the purchase of your favorite villa on the beautiful Tuscan hills or near the green woods of Umbria, we suggest you contact an agent registered with the Chamber of Commerce that will take care for you of all the red tape: for example, we speak of the Proposta irrevocabile di acquisto” (that is “Purchase irrevocable proposal”), an agreement that identifies the seller and buyer, and that you need to block the sale of the property, but also the “Preliminary Agreement” ( or “Compromise”) and the deed, where the final contract of sale is signed by buyer and seller.
If your dream then has always been to live on your skin the famous ” Dolce Vita”, hurry up: this might be the right time for real estate investing in Italy that could change your life!