Despite the current economic crisis, very positive signs coming from the Italian real estate market, especially for the buying and selling of real estate; if you are interested in buying a property in Italy, this is in fact definitely the right time, for many different reasons.
For example, buyers of a property in Italy now will benefit from lower prices by 25% compared to 5 years ago (but in early 2014 is expected a reversal of the trend, with a gradual increase in prices), and also the fact that, compared to domestic demand, a foreigner can count on a banking system that allows mortgages more easily.
To all this must be added the fact that Italy is considered as one of the most robust and secure markets in the Mediterranean regarding real estate investments. Perhaps it is for this reason that foreign investors are growing every year, as well as the number of houses and luxury villas sold (+12% in one year!).


The most popular areas are made up of coastal areas, followed immediately by Umbria and Tuscany, which still exerts a huge fascination on the foreign buyer.
Some people look for a house in Italy for a retreat after retirement, others to allocate the villa to investment and sell it as soon as prices begin to rise again, and still others instead see in luxury villas in Italy a business opportunity (or simply the chance to change their lives devoting themselves to something totally different) with their transformation into farmhouses, social farms, farms.
At the time of purchase are to be privileged mansions and country villas in excellent condition or already restructured in order to better benefit from the low prices: trusting in a restructuring company to date is very expensive, especially because of corporate taxation, really high in Italy.


If you plan to buy a villa in Italy you have to then see the location (it is important that it is not more than 1 hour or 1 ½ hours from the major airports of reference and that it is easily reachable by public or private transport) and the proximity to population centers where you can buy the product you won’t produce by yourself in your new house, also benefiting from the territory and inhabitants of the place to learn about authentic Italian Dolce Vita.