What you can find in Central Italy is….

Buying a house in central Italy is the dream of many people, both Italian and foreigners. If it is true that Italy is beautiful from the Alps to Sicily, it is also true that the Central Italy is undoubtedly a concentrate of wonderful territories, culture, art, livability and great food.
Take for example the beautiful Rome or the magnificent Florence, two cities with ancient history and the eternal charm that have influenced the history of Italy at different times and can allow you to get in contact with treasures of immeasurable value: who would not want to live nearby in order to lose occasionally in the observation of the Colosseum or of the Roman Forum, or maybe walking on Ponte Vecchio to the discovery of evidences of the Renaissance?


Obviously the center of Italy, with a turbulent past really made ​​of history ( Etruscans , Romans, Celts ) , the city-state , kingdoms large and small ( the grand duchies in Tuscany and the Papal States ) , has a lot to offer in terms of art and cities : think for example of Orvieto, a city that is located on a tuff cliff -top overlooking the valleys below, founded by the Etruscans more than 3000 years ago, where they are clearly visible Romanesque and Renaissance palaces and unique examples of Italian Gothic ( such as the Duomo ), which also can offer dishes made with local produce and worthy of the most discerning palates.
For those who want to enjoy the Italian Centre buying a house and staying in total privacy, nothing beats the wonderful and famous Umbrian and Tuscan countrysides; we talk about the classic Chianti valley, but also about even more unknown places unfrequented by international tourists and therefore by who’s searching for a property to buy: the beauty of the wild Maremma in southern Tuscany or the beautiful Umbrian countryside dotted with the characteristic medieval villages are a few examples of places that are truly “out of time” in which you can learn to appreciate the truer Italy.


The central Italy then is a veritable treasure trove of local products, those products which have helped to make the Mediterranean diet big in the world: we speak of potatoes from Grotte di Castro, of the Est Est Est wine from Montefiascone – but also of the Aleatico wine from Gradoli and of the Cannaiola wine from Marta – and we also speak of the prized black truffle from Umbrian woods , of the extra virgin olive oil which is a really basic and delicious seasoning (this year the product of a manufacturer from Umbria has won the competition for the “best extra virgin olive oil” in the world) , the famous bistecca alla fiorentina (florentine steak), the butchery (that in Italian are called “norcineria”, from the town of Norcia, an Umbrian town), and also of many other products which, though little known ( like Onano lentils, which is still exported all over the world,  the red garlic, the Acquapendente spelt, the wild asparagus that are found in the woods of Terni etc … ) help to make Italy one of the best Countries in the world for eating (or maybe even the best one).
If you are looking for a property in the center of Italy, then, you should know this: you are going to do a great choice which may also change your life … you could be fascinated by your new property!