Exploring Umbria, finding out its treasures

Umbria is an incredible land where to buy a property, whether for residential use that as a holiday destination, or even as an investment.
The idea of ​​staying quietly in the Green Heart of Italy (as the region is often called) spending time enjoying beautiful views of fields, green hills, forests and hill towns in the distance evaporates very easily in the moment when you realize how many things there are to be seen in Umbria; having a good base to which to return in the evening, you can explore day by day the region, discovering every nook and secret corner of Umbria without ever having to drive more than an hour.


Easily accessible from both Rome and Florence, the Green Heart of Italy has an area of ​​great beauty, in which dissolve the rolling hills of Chianti region of Tuscany, acquiring gorgeous colors like mauve green and silver thanks to the leaves of the numerous olive trees that produce high quality extra virgin olive oil (so as to be considered the best in the world) and that contain treasures of inestimable value in the perfectly preserved medieval villages that dot the territory.
In an environment punctuated by verdant farmland dotted with small villages, vineyards and winding roads, beautiful lakes and dense woods, life seems to slow down; because of being placed in the center in Italy, and because of the fact that it is surrounded by mountains, Umbria has preserved better than many other regions the true Italian way of life, based on the cycles of the seasons.


Buying a property in Italy and, even better, buying a property in Umbria, you will also have the chance to experience Italy truer, enjoying the traditions of an ancient land and enjoying the flavors of a land full of delights, ranging from the famous and esteemed black truffle to pork products (in Italian they are called “norcineria”, from the town of Norcia, in Umbria.
As many people already know this region (renamed in some cases “second Tuscany”), having a property in Umbria, considering the favorable purchase prices of the moment, would no doubt be a great and profitable investment.